Visitors Statistics

Detailed statistics for 2017

Breakdown by business sector

Breakdown by job

Med-IT welcomed in 2017, 48% of professionals in the IT sector and 52% of other sectors.

63% of visitors were decision-makers
(general managers, departmental directors and IT project managers).

Breakdown by department

Breakdown by numbers

48% of visitors came from the IS or IT department and 52% from other departments.

25% of professionals who visited the fair that year were big companies with over 500 employees and 75% are SMEs.


  • To discover new products and major trends88%
  • To form partnerships with other companies54%
  • To buy IT equipment and solutions 21%

Centres of interest

  • IT project management consultancy52%
  • Big data44%
  • Security solutions38%
  • Cloud38%
  • IT and network equipment35%
  • Datacentres32%
  • Virtualisation31%
  • Backup and storage31%
  • Business line solutions27%
  • Telecom and VOIP solutions26%
  • Mobility14%